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The White House earns goodwill by reuniting the cast of The West Wing

It’s been almost nine years since The West Wing left the airwaves, yet nostalgia for Aaron Sorkin’s political fantasy remains as strong as ever. And no one knows that better than the real-life White House, which makes a point of reuniting the show’s cast whenever it wants to earn some positive buzz online.

As it did last year, the White House once again brought together former West Wing cast members to promote “Big Block Of Cheese Day,” a virtual social media “open house” that allows citizens to speak directly with White House officials (an idea first introduced on The West Wing itself). But while last year’s video featured only Joshua Malina and Bradley Whitford, this year’s campaign brought in the big guns. In addition to Malina and Whitford, Mary McCormack, Dulé Hill, Richard Schiff, Allison Janney, and President Martin Sheen all show up to deliver some cheese puns and support political engagement.


The video is a little corny (one might even say cheesy), but it’s also a lovely trip down memory lane for West Wing fans.

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