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The Whisky A Go Go could get its own Boardwalk Empire-like series

The Whisky A Go Go could soon be the site of soap opera drama totally unrelated to that time Axl Rose was kidnapped and replaced by his evil twin, as Deadline reports a premium cable series revolving around the fames Sunset Strip nightclub is in the works. Virgin’s Richard Branson (a man who knows rock ‘n’ roll, often seeing him at Christmas) is behind the series that would start with the early days of the Whisky’s co-founding by Elmer Valentine, Mario Maglieri, and others in the 1960s, tracing the Maglieri family’s “rise to power” as it bought up other nearby clubs, and telling the stories of the many legendary bands who have played there over the years. The search is currently on for showrunners and directors for the drama described as “a rock ‘n’ roll twist on Casino and Boardwalk Empire,” in the sense that it has similar connections to the mob, and all concern places that stopped being anything but awful tourist traps ages ago.


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