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The Wheel Of Time TV series is back in motion

(Image: Tor Books)

It’s been about a year since we last heard about Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time books being adapted for TV, with the last update coming long after a production company called Red Eagle Entertainment tried to quietly secure its control of the rights by buying air time on FXX in the middle of the night and broadcasting a haphazardly produced pilot for a Wheel Of Time show. That stunt sparked a legal battle between Red Eagle and Harriet McDougal, Jordan’s widow, who said that Universal owned the rights to the books and not Red Eagle. Last year, McDougal announced that the legal issues had been resolved, and she teased an upcoming announcement about the TV show coming “from a major studio.”

Well, it took a long time, but that announcement has finally come. As reported by Variety, Sony Pictures Television is going to develop the Wheel Of Time TV series alongside Radar Pictures and none other than Red Eagle Entertainment, the very studio that tried to make this TV show happen in 2015 through sheer force of will. Rafe Judkins, a veteran of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hemlock Grove, and Chuck will write and executive produce the project, with McDougal on board as a “consulting producer.”


The Wheel Of Time series is a ridiculous sprawling epic, with its story spanning 14 books and detailing a protracted battle between good and evil that combines various concepts from European and Asian mythology. Unlike Game Of Thrones, which is rocketing toward an ending, it sounds like The Wheel Of Time could last forever if Sony can pull it off.

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