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The Wes Bentley comeback could begin with The Hunger Games

Wes Bentley, who will likely never escape waxing poetic over a plastic bag in American Beauty, has secured a major foothold in his current career comeback by nabbing a crucial role in The Hunger Games. Bentley will put his grimly intense (or is it intensely grim?) stare to work as Seneca Crane, the Head Gamemaker who designs the various death traps that Jennifer Lawrence and her fellow players must overcome. Though pegged for stardom after his 1999 breakout, Bentley’s filmography since has included less-than-stellar movies like The Four Feathers, Ghost Rider, P2, and Jonah Hex, while—as he relates in the 2009 documentary My Big Break—Bentley himself retreated into drug addiction, overcome by how much beauty there is the world. Also, heroin. Anyway, Bentley is all clean now and ready to work (he's also got Roland Joffe's There Be Dragons opening tomorrow), and a pivotal role in the next potential hit teen franchise is definitely a good first step.

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