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The Weinsteins are now the only thing standing between the world and The Crow remake

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In what is possible good news for anyone already dreading a possible Bradley Cooper-starring reboot of The Crow, Deadline reports that the production has suddenly become the center of a major legal battle between Relativity Media and Harvey and Bob Weinstein, who are suing Relativity over rights to the property. Apparently Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh is refusing to honor a contract that according to the Weinsteins’ attorney Bert Fields—who’s certainly busy these days—plainly spells out that the Weinsteins still own worldwide distribution rights to The Crow, stemming from their Miramax and Dimension days. And when the subject was broached, Kavanuagh responded in a manner that was, ironically, vintage Harvey Weinstein: In Fields’ words, “He made a bunch of threats. Some people may submit to that kind of arrogant conduct, but we're not going to do it.” Indeed, why should the Weinsteins cotton to the kind of behavior that they themselves notoriously have dished out for years?

Anyway, Fields then added, “If anybody tries to buy these distribution rights in The Crow, they are buying nothing but a lawsuit and they will get sued,” which is exactly what’s happening now. It remains to be seen whether this suit will affect the project’s future, but those who aren’t particularly looking forward to it now have some glimmer of hope, we suppose. (Though it's just as likely this whole thing will be smoothed over soon with a fat wad of cash.)

UPDATE: As quoted at THR, Relativity has issued an equally vehement response: "This is yet another typical litigation stunt from the Weinsteins, who have a long history of threatening lawsuits with the sole purpose of intimidation. If served, Relativity will seek immediate dismissal. While we expect these types of antics from the Weinsteins, we are shocked that a lawyer of Mr. Fields' caliber would make such false, reckless and intentionally harmful statements to the press about Relativity and Mr. Kavanaugh. We intend to seek appropriate remedies for this misconduct. Clearly, this is a feeble attempt to create a press stir and a malicious effort to interfere with Relativity's development of the project." It would appear that it's on, etc.

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