Clearly reinvigorated by its recent trip down memory lane with Miramax, The Weinstein Company is hoping to launch a new TV division headed by Harvey and Bob’s old ’90s producing pal Meryl Poster, who worked on heyday Miramax films such as Cop Land, The Cider House Rules, Chicago, Good Will Hunting, and Shakespeare In Love. The Weinstein Company has had some success in television already, primarily with reality shows like Project Runway (and its myriad spinoffs) and Bridezillas, and Poster was also there for its first reality foray, Project Greenlight, which she also appeared on. Deadline characterizes the launch of this new division as the Weinsteins attempting to get into TV “in a big way,” which suggests it might possibly make good on those years-old promises—reinforced by its recent franchising deal with Miramax to make sequels and small-screen versions of some of its biggest hits—to adapt things like Rounders and Sin City to television. Or it could just devise more reality skeins devoted to bitchiness.