As part of its recent efforts to return The Weinstein Company to its glory days by simply rehashing its past accomplishments, the entertainment consortium-slash-living Mel Brooksian showbiz satire has announced plans to form TWC Games, its first foray into the video-game market. According to a press release, the Weinsteins have partnered with production company Beefy Media to develop games based on titles in the Weinstein catalog—though those holding out hope for a hack-and-slash version of The King’s Speech will likely be disappointed, as so far they’re concentrating on horror films from the Dimension library like Scream, Hellraiser, Halloween, and Children Of The Corn. You’ll finally be able to slaughter babysitters and creepy little redheaded kids without the law getting involved. The press release also mentions Scary Movie, but we’ll just pretend that it doesn’t. And for those who, like the Weinsteins, feel the faint tickle of nostalgia, yes, there already was a Halloween video game, and frankly, we don’t see any room for improvement.