Les Gens Heureux Lisent Et Boivent Du Café by Agnès Martin-Lugand

After long feeling adrift in a fog of ennui, love is blooming for The Weinstein Company, like linden trees blossoming along the River Seine. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company plans to adapt Happy People Read And Drink Coffee, which was originally self-published by novelist Agnès Martin-Lugand and has since become a commercial success in France. Setting aside any fears and doubts, the production company has passionately acquired film and publishing rights to Les Gens Heureux Lisent Et Boivent Du Café.

Martin-Lugand’s debut novel chronicles the aftermath of a car accident that robs a woman named Diane of her husband and daughter. As she tries to find a way forward without letting go of the past, Diane travels to Ireland, a country her husband always wanted to visit, where she may yet find love anew.


The primary challenge for Weinstein Books, a partnership between the The Weinstein Company and Perseus Books Group, will be adapting the book’s French sensibilities for stateside audiences, who have long equated drinking coffee with unhappily texting their way through winding Starbucks queues. But like Diane, we must hold out for the prospect of falling in love—not once, but twice. Perhaps just as the novelization of Happy People wins over our hearts next spring, the first trailer will darken our collective doorway, leaving us momentarily flummoxed before we abandon our unfinished copies and embrace movie theaters.