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The Weeknd teases new album with 12-minute short film


The Weeknd introduced his new, shorter-haired persona earlier this year in the music video for “Starboy,” the title track off of his new album. Now, he and director Grant Singer have put together a 12-minute short film called Mania that acts as an extremely elaborate teaser for the entire Starboy album—which will be available on Friday. The video features The Weeknd driving a fancy car to a fancy club, and then he ducks into a fancy bathroom where a man is gruesomely murdered. It’s pretty grisly stuff, but it’s one of the few murders that might just make you wish you were dancing in a club while covered in blood.

Mania features snippets of the Weeknd tracks “Sidewalks,” “All I Know,” “Party Monster,” and “I Feel It Coming”—which includes another appearance from Daft Punk, who previously cameoed on “Starboy.”


You can see all of Mania below.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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