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Game Of Thrones has had a whole bunch of musical guests over the years, whether they’re making physical cameos or just putting a new spin on “Rains Of Castamere” or whatever for the end credits. There are only a handful of episodes left of the show, but—according to Pitchfork—HBO is going to sneak in at least one more special musical appearance, this time from The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott. The site’s sources say that “Game Of Thrones asked The Weeknd to record the song for fans,” with The Weeknd then bringing SZA and Scott on board. That’s the only real information we have, but Pitchfork expects this song—whether it’s some new composition that is Thrones-related in some way or another new version of “Rains Of Castamere”—to be released “soon.”


The final season of Game Of Thrones kicks off next week, which is fairly soon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Also, for what it’s worth, some people on Reddit suggest that this will be for another Game Of Thrones album, so it might not actually be heard on the show.

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