The Weather Channel, it would seem, has received a bunch of money and decided to spend it on creating a cyberpunk-style postmodern augmented reality nightmare called Immersive Mixed Reality. Here Meteorologist Jim Cantore plays the role of Hiro Protagonist, as reality melts away and a furious tornado lays siege to The Weather Channel studio. As the tornado increases in intensity on the Enhanced Fujita scale Cantore is endangered by felled power lines, assaulted with flying wood beams, and nearly crushed to death by a falling car.

By the time the tornado has reached EF-5, Cantore has made his way to the “Weather Channel Safe Room” to ride out the storm. When he emerges the entire Weather Channel has been destroyed, replaced with a barren hellscape of rubble and debris, a lone American flag left standing like Ozymandias surveying his pitiful domain.


But then, when seemingly all is lost, the studio is restored, as if nothing ever happened.

Did anything happen? Is everything a simulation? Are we dead now? Is there a difference?

Please stay tuned for Why Planes Crash.