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The Weather Channel adds a movie night

Beginning October 30th, The Weather Channel will begin supplementing Storm Chasers and When Weather Changed History with the weekly program The Weather Channel Presents…, the channel's first stab at showing movies. First up: The Perfect Storm, followed in November by March Of The Penguins, Misery (!) and Deep Blue Sea. Each movie will be hosted by meteorologist Jen Carfagno, who will offer weather-related insights into the movie in question. (What kind of front caused the snowstorm in Misery? We're finally going to find out.) Expect each broadcast to run about three hours, to allow time for Carfagno's jabber and your Local On The 8s.

And now the real question: What other weather-themed movies should The Weather Channel show? The Wizard Of Oz? Do The Right Thing? The Fog? ("We've got low visibility and an 80% chance of Ghost Pirate.") Let  your imaginations run wild!


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