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The Weakerthans have apparently broken up

Winnipeg-loving indie band The Weakerthans have broken up, according to drummer Jason Tait. The band hadn’t put out a new studio album since 2007’s Reunion Tour, so this shouldn’t be a huge shock, but this at least seems to confirm that The Weakerthans won’t be putting out any more music. Tait announced the news on Twitter, saying, “Word is getting out that The Weakerthans are done,” along with a link to John Coltrane’s “Abide With Me”—which is the song the band “used to take the stage to for years.” He then ended his message with, simply, “Bye bye.”


The actual Weakerthans Twitter account hasn’t said anything about the band breaking up, but it also hasn’t said anything at all since April. We imagine a relatively dormant Twitter account is also not a good sign of a band’s continued existence, so we all really should’ve been able to see this coming.

[via CP24]

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