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Like a lingering ghost whose backstory has not yet been fully exploited, the specter of a prequel to The Shining has been looming since last summer, when Warner Bros. executives realized there was still so much of Stephen King’s story to tell to people incapable of using their imagination. Now it seems to be moving forward under Glen Mazzara, the former Walking Dead showrunner who will use his experience with restless spirits and padding things out to pen The Overlook Hotel, a film that delves further into what happened there before the Torrances arrived—and potentially sets up a new franchise about people checking in but not subsequently checking out, because they’re dead. As we reported earlier, King is also working on his own Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep, and as Room 237 suggests, Stanley Kubrick probably tried to warn us about all of this with that symbolic shot of the single phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” repeated over and over again in slightly different ways.


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