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“The Walking Deadpool” pits Rick Grimes against Wade Wilson

It’s not immediately clear what’s going on in this fan-made Walking Dead/Deadpool crossover. Is Rick Grimes living in Deadpool’s world of superheroes or is Deadpool in Grimes’ zombie-filled one? Why does Deadpool sometimes sound like Ryan Reynolds and sometimes like Lennie James? And what are these two fighting over to begin with?

But none of that really matters because David Elmaleh does a sleek job of editing together scenes from the new Deadpool trailer with spoiler-filled footage from the past five seasons of The Walking Dead. Although Reynolds and Andrew Lincoln never appear on-screen together, it really does feel like they’re caught in an epic battle of swords, guns, and wills. Plus, the mashup title, “The Walking Deadpool,” is so perfect that it alone justifies this video’s entire existence.

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