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The Walking Dead to end with expanded "two-year" 11th season followed by even more spinoffs

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Death is not the end, friends. For although The Walking Dead will conclude its run with season 11, its spinoffs will live on forever. AMC has announced that The Walking Dead is set to end with an “expanded two-year 11th season that will span 24 episodes.” While that might actually sound like two seasons, AMC would like to assure you that it is most certainly not. That leaves Walking Dead-heads with a whopping 30 episodes before the series ends—between the six additional season 10 episodes set to debut early next year, and the super-sized season 11, which will run into 2022.


BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Of course it’s not! You’re getting even MORE Walking Dead shenanigans via two additional spinoffs in what AMC describes in an official press release as “a vibrant and expanding content universe”—a series of words almost as attractive as “influencer webinar.” First up is a spinoff following fan-favorite characters Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), co-created by current Walking Dead showrunner Jessica Kang and Walking Dead chief content officer (are you serious) Scott M. Gimple. Kang is also set to run that series, which will debut sometime in 2023.

In addition, Gimple is developing another spinoff titled Tales Of The Walking Dead—an episodic anthology that follows both new and existing characters in the franchise. Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of steaming hot Walking Dead #content coming down the pipeline, with The Walking Dead: World Beyond (about the first generation of kids raised in the zombie apocalypse) premiering on October 4, followed by the debut of Fear The Walking Dead’s sixth season on October 11. May your days be productive and your nights filled with an eternal stream of Walking Dead #content. Namaste. 

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