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For all of its fascinating conversations about the difficulties of surviving in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, intercut with occasional scenes of zombies, AMC’s The Walking Dead comes up dramatically short in the department of zombies you can masturbate to. But fortunately, the network has already promised two seasons of Cobalt, the tentatively titled spinoff that will shift its focus to zombies in Los Angeles, where the pressure to always look your best will result in some truly choice zombie ass.


“We’re going to have sexy zombies!” spinoff star Kim Dickens tells E! Online, agreeing with the suggestion that all that plastic surgery—and the slow decay rate of inorganic implants—will result in zombies you wouldn’t mind having on your arm. In five seasons of lurching through Atlanta, we’ve been forced to look at people who let themselves become saggy and bloated thanks to the carb-heavy, sedentary lifestyle of the South, as well as the natural process of decomposition. Finally we’ll get some zombies who know how to keep it tight.

Of course, Dickens admits that she’s not exactly sure of anything since she’s intentionally kept herself in the dark, having never watched the show nor read the comics—all because producers told her, “Your character wouldn’t know what the apocalypse looks like anyway, you know?” But from the sound of things, this apocalypse is going to look pretty hot.

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