What's your undead TV/movie/book/comics genre of choice? If it's vampires, you have to be feeling pretty well-served right now, what with Twilight and True Blood and all. If it's zombies, well, be patient. A new George Romero zombie flick is on the way, as is the big-screen comedy Zombieland. And just today it was announced that AMC has won a bidding war to make writer Robert Kirkman's cult comic book series The Walking Dead into a TV series, produced by Frank Darabont (who will also write and direct) and genre specialist Gale Anne Hurd. Darabont has been driving this project for years, and at one time had planned to make the series at NBC. But it ought to be a better fit on cable, especially on a channel that's earning a reputation for smart, challenging fare. Now if only Darabont can show a few zombies cooking meth at an ad agency in the early '60s, it could be crossover time!