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The Walking Dead season 6 DVD includes an extended finale and a lot more swearing

The Walking Dead (Photo: HBO)

[This is our requisite spoiler alert for The Walking Dead, but most of the spoiler info can only be accessed by clicking links, so scroll with caution.]

It’s been nearly three months since The Walking Deads sixth season ended in a cliffhanger that was made all the less welcome by that bullshit move from before the mid-season mark. Sure, we finally got to meet Negan, and it’s always great to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan on TV. But after teasing fans for weeks about a world-altering death, the writers feinted yet again and left viewers with even more questions to mull during the break. Spleens were vented as fans settled in for another round of getting jerked around.


But if you’re eager to choke on your bile again, the sixth season will make its DVD, Digital HD, and Blu-ray debut via Anchor Bay on August 23. All sixteen episodes—which come in degrees of rage inducement—will be available, along with the usual extras like deleted scenes and audio commentaries. But for you gluttons for punishment out there, the Blu-ray will have an extended finale loaded with extra expletives. No, the characters won’t be reading mean tweets à la Jimmy Kimmel—the longer finale will just feature more of Negan’s profanities. That new blue vocabulary should help viewers denounce the show in more colorful language.

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