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The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun gets a job as Conan O’Brien’s stand-in


[Note: Simply acknowledging that this article contains spoilers is probably in itself a spoiler, but if you don’t want to know about the thing that happened on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead and somehow still haven’t pieced it together, please close your eyes, forget you read this, and call for someone to help you come close this window.]

After leaving fans hanging with a cliffhanger finale followed by months of teasing, Sunday’s episode The Walking Dead finally revealed which unlucky survivor got smashed to death by Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s baseball bat: Abraham, the guy with red hair and a mustache. Oh, but wait! It turned out that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was still thirsty for some brutal violence, so he also smashed the brains out of Steven Yeun’s Glenn, a character who had been on the show since the beginning.


Walking Dead viewers may still be mourning Glenn’s death, but Yeun himself has already moved on to a new gig. As he revealed on tonight’s episode of Conan, he has actually been working as Conan O’Brien’s stand-in during rehearsals for a while—a fact that O’Brien wasn’t aware of, because he can’t be bothered to come to rehearsals.

It looks like a pretty intense job, but at least Yeun can get some hair tips from a familiar face.

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