Fresh off of a stretch of Walking Dead episodes in which she never ever seemed concerned that her character’s sister had gone missing, Lauren Cohan has signed on to star in a movie about other people who handle grief in an unusual way. Titled The Boy, The Hollywood Reporter says it’s about a husband and wife who hire a nanny (that’s Cohan) to watch over their son. Only, their real son died, and they have a lifelike doll that they pretend is their son.

This is a horror movie, though, so it most likely doesn’t turn into a heartwarming/excessively quirky Ryan Gosling flick. All THR says is that Cohan “becomes increasingly convinced that [the doll] is alive,” but we assume there are some steps missing in there. Maybe creepy things start happening around the doll that can’t be explained, and then maybe it turns out the doll has been forcing the parents to treat it like a real child because it’s evil, and then it gets pissed that they’re trying to pass it off on this nanny. The movie can even just end there, because it’s being directed by William Brent Bell, the visionary behind The Devil Inside and its insane “the movie isn’t over, go to this website to read more about it” non-ending.