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The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt quits social media over fan harassment

The Walking Dead

The combination of internet anonymity and obsessive fandom can be scary, and it recently drove The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt to completely abandon his formerly thriving social media platforms. McDermitt plays Eugene, the guy with the mullet, and Walking Dead fans haven’t been especially happy with some traitorous turns the character has made lately. In fact, they’ve been so unhappy that some people have apparently been sending death threats and general angry nonsense to McDermitt’s pages, blaming him for the bad things that his character does.

That’s according to ComicBook.com, which says McDermitt took down his Twitter and Instagram pages this week. His decision is almost certainly because of the surge of negativity, as one Walking Dead fan shared a clip from a Facebook Live video posted on the night of the show’s seventh season finale in which McDermitt explained that he’ll notify the cops of any death threats he receives and suggested that his angrier followers try spending time with their loved ones instead of yelling at him on the internet.


McDermitt’s more levelheaded fans have apparently come to his defense against the haters, but for now that’s still not enough to keep him on social media.

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