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It must be a little bit of a relief for the actors on AMC’s The Walking Dead when their characters finally get killed off. For one, they can finally shave and shower. Also, the show has somehow gotten pretty good—or at least tolerably good—in the last few years, so listing The Walking Dead on your résumé is a little more beneficial than it used to be. Case in point, both David Morrissey and Emily Kinney have managed to parlay their zombie work into new non-zombie-related acting roles, despite the fact that neither of them were especially well known before getting involved with Rick Grimes and his merry band of melancholy survivors.

OK, to be fair, David Morrissey was in a bunch of stuff before The Walking Dead, but sometimes you just have to skew the facts until they support the narrative you’re pushing, Brian Williams-style. Anyway, Deadline reports that Morrissey will be joining the upcoming second season of CBS’ Halle Berry-starring Extant as someone with “a personal history” with Berry’s character. Apparently, this will “[complicate] his work (and his life) in the face of a deadly new threat to humanity.” Hopefully, that deadly new threat doesn’t turn out to be zombies, or else Morrissey’s gonna be pissed. “I just put the eyepatch away!” he’ll shout as he pulls his Governor vest out of storage.


As for Emily Kinney, she will be taking her talents to The CW for an appearance on The Flash. Kinney—who, along with Morrissey, made a ghostly cameo in last night’s Walking Dead—will be playing a villain named Brie Larvan. Variety says her character will be a “reimagining” of the “classic DC villain” The Bug-Eyed Bandit—because apparently we’re just throwing around the term “classic DC villain” these days. Hardcore nerds who are actually familiar with the Bug-Eyed Bandit may recall that he’s more of an Atom villain than a Flash villain, which is fitting, since Kinney will be appearing in an episode that also sees Emily Bett Rickards’ Felicity Smoak and Brandon Routh’s Ray Palmer (The Atom!) visiting The Flash in Central City. It’s almost like the writers planned it that way.

Meanwhile, Andrew Lincoln looks at his scraggly beard and dirty hair in the mirror, wishing for the days when he was still that fresh-faced youngster trying to steal Keira Knightley from Chiwetel Ejiofor in Love Actually. “What’s happening to us?” he asks in his approximation of an American accent. “Can things ever really go back to the way they were?” No, Andrew. Not for you.

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