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The Walking Dead is currently "working on" bringing Lauren Cohan back

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The Walking Dead has seen its share of world-shifting, fairly damaging changes over the past few years. With longtime cast member Danai Gurira gearing up for her final appearance as Michonne, the showrunners seem eager to retain as much of the original magic that they can muster. Part of that effort means luring Lauren Cohan back into the fray. Showrunner Angela Kang recently spoke with EW and while she made no solid promises, she did reveal that Maggie’s return to Hilltop was something they were actively pursuing.


“I’m not sure if I can say much about it right now, actually,” Kang told EW. “I’ll just say that we’re working on it.”

Cohan left the show last year to take on leading lady duties for the ABC hour-long spy series Whiskey Cavelier. Once the show was cancelled in May (and after crushing any sliver of hope for a return), the loss likely left a hefty vacancy in her day-to-day schedule. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily eager to return to a show that must try to regain its footing after a string of major losses. Either way, the Walking Dead world is steadily expanding with a new series and a number of films. Maggie’s return would just be a reminder of the show’s former appeal, which couldn’t hurt.

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