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The Walking Dead has finally come for the teens with an extremely vague spinoff trailer

Screenshot: YouTube

There are questions in this life that have no simple answer—like, are Lunchables charcuterie boards for children, or are charcuterie boards just grown-up Lunchables? Similarly, is this a teaser for a new Walking Dead spinoff series, or a PSA about the importance of vaccinating your teens against HPV? Only you can decide.


“What if you lived in a world of safety and you decided to leave,” ask the talking teen heads, implying that The Walking Dead franchise has finally discovered what pop culture has known for many decades: teens are moneyyyyyyy. But also coming of age is inherently horrific and how many more metaphors can there possibly be for this series to explore. Like slack-jawed, rotting zombies stumbling through the post-apocalypse, these are the days of teen lives.

Maybe? This “trailer” or PSA or after-school special or whatever is incredibly vague, only promising that there’s another Walking Dead spinoff and it arrives next spring. Will it be like Riverdale, but with zombies? Honestly, we should be so lucky. More likely, it’s probably about a bunch of kids (with really good hair) who narrowly escaped being turned into a bunch of walking meat puppets because they were holed up in a school gym or something. In any case, the extremely mysterious Walking Dead spinoff is the latest step in The Walking Dead’s path to world domination, joining the flagship series (10 seasons strong), Fear The Walking Dead, and the upcoming Rick Grimes movie spinoffs. Soon there will be a Walking Dead for everyone, no matter your interests—yes, even your boxed wine-loving mom.

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