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The Walking Dead companion series gets a director, plans to film some other zombies

Much like how a crew of survivalists in a zombie-infested wasteland will choose a seasoned zombie killer to lead it, a TV spinoff about surviving a zombie-infested wasteland will choose a seasoned director to film it.

Deadline reports that AMC has selected Adam Davidson to direct the pilot episode of the still-untitled spinoff from its massive, Sunday Night Football-beating ratings hit The Walking Dead. As previously reported, the companion series will take place during the same time frame as the original show, but focus on some of the other areas in the world not already being depicted, such as anywhere outside Georgia. (Maybe we can see what Ryan Gosling’s been up to?) Regardless, Davidson’s been tasked with portraying these other places, a job to which he brings roughly a metric ton of experience, having directed episodes of Parenthood, Treme, Community, Fringe, and numerous others, including AMC shows Hell On Wheels and Low Winter Sun.


Interestingly, one of the few shows it seems Davidson hasn’t filmed an episode of is The Walking Dead. It’s possible AMC execs want a fresh eye for the new series, interested in crafting an entirely different look and feel for the show. It’s also possible they just want Davidson to recreate the exact look and feel of that one episode of Jake 2.0 he helmed.

The pilot is scheduled to begin shooting before the end of the year.

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