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TV Line confirms several days' worth of rumors that The Walking Dead has cast its Tyreese—a key character in the comics who has yet to materialize in the TV series, because it needed more space to develop T-Dog. But with T-Dog now safely dispatched after having finally achieved a full line of dialogue, Tyreese is ready to make his entrance, portrayed by a guy familiar to many A.V. Club readers: It's Chad Coleman, best known for his turn as The Wire's sensitive, streetwise gangster turned single mom-slaying boxing coach Cutty, and for being The Guy Who Looks Least Likely To Be Named "Chad."


Coleman has more recently been seen on shows like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Good Wife, and I Hate My Teenage Daughter, his appearance on the lattermost notable for the way you could see him visibly longing to be shot at or have zombies try to eat him instead. He'll get that wish in The Walking Dead's eighth episode and midseason finale, potentially becoming [spoilers for those who haven't read the comics and like to get angry about spoilers] the central part of the gang that he was in the comics—where he was essentially Rick's right-hand man—and possibly (but most probably) getting involved in a romance with Michonne and/or Carol. Or then again, considering the liberties the show takes with the source material, maybe he'll just be there to smack Carl around whenever he needs it.

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