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The Walking Dead also adds Alanna Masterson

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Even though AMC's The Walking Dead is heading back to TV screens in just over two weeks, producers aren't finished adding new faces to the fourth season. After casting the Twilight series' Christian Serratos as the comic book's Rosita Espinosa earlier this month, the show is now announcing that its taking on Alanna Masterson (the little sister of That ‘70s Show’s Danny Masterson) for a recurring role, beginning midway through this season. Masterson has the potential to become a series regular in the fifth season, provided, of course, that her character isn't torn to pieces between now and then.


There's no official word yet on which part Masterson is playing, but there seems to be some speculation that she'll step into the role of Tara Chalmers, of the Chalmers Family band, as seen in the Rise Of The Governor prequel novel. However, seeing as Masterson is considerably more svelte than the muu-muu-wearing Tara from the book, this would either be a total reinvention of the character—which is definitely not unheard-of on The Walking Dead—or she'd have lost some weight since her family initially crossed paths with the Governor. Which doesn't seem all that unlikely, when you consider how much cardio you get during a zombie apocalypse.

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