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Illustration for article titled The Wachowskis want Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis to star in their super-secret sci-fi project

Lending credence to the suggestion that Channing Tatum is this generation’s Keanu Reeves, Andy and Lana Wachowski are seeking the similarly suddenly inescapable, genre-hopping actor to star alongside Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending, their follow-up to Cloud Atlas and first original sci-fi project since The Matrix. As previously reported, details on what’s pretty boldly already being called a potential “franchise” are being kept top-secret, though the recruiting of Tatum could indicate that—as with Reeves in The Matrix—it will involve an everyman who faces incredible circumstances with an unflappable stoicism that looks like he’s trying to do math, an archetype at which Tatum also excels. (Please, forgive us these final lingering days of glibly dismissing Channing Tatum, before the goodwill generated by 21 Jump Street and the upcoming Steven Soderbergh movie make that impossible.) Anyway, neither Kunis nor Tatum has officially signed on to Jupiter yet—though in Tatum’s case, at least, he still has to put it to a vote.


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