Wachowskis Redemption Week continues: Deadline reports that Andy and Lana Wachowski are prepping their first major sci-fi action franchise since The Matrix trilogy, an original idea titled Jupiter Ascending that's being fast-tracked at Warner Bros. The siblings—who are currently busy sharing shooting segments for that massive Cloud Atlas adaptation with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry—haven’t released a film since Speed Racer gave everyone a still-lingering headache in 2008, but the studio seems confident in their comeback, judging by the fact that it’s currently negotiating “which A-list stars” will star in it, suggesting that at least some A-list stars will be sent home hungry and wanting. Plot details are being kept secret on the film, which came together only after the Wachowskis apparently gave up on trying to find backers for their hard-R movie about a gay romance between an American and Iraqi soldier and how it led to the assassination of President Bush. That story, alas, now exists solely in the fevered imagination of conservative radio hosts.