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Encouraged by the fact that they managed to get Cloud Atlas onto the big screen without it being, judging by at least half of the early reviews, an incomprehensible mess, the Wachowskis are now boldly considering moving on to sustaining more multiple ongoing narratives and characters in a format of indefinite length—otherwise known as making a TV show. Variety reports that the siblings have partnered with Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski on a drama that's being shopped around under the title Sense8, even though, in typical Wachowski fashion, that's the only detail available. Given the people behind it and title, you can probably guess that it's some kind of futuristic something or other, possibly involving a spaceship. Or maybe a shitty trance band tasked with saving the world. "We're kind of downtempo, early Four Tet sort of stuff—you know, a little jazzy with a hip-hop vibe," the Sense8 crew will tell the world's enemies while trying to hand them a flyer, as said enemies immediately come up with excuses as to why they need to get off the planet.

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