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The voice of Admiral Ackbar gives one last round of “It’s a trap!” readings

Erik Bauersfeld, the voice behind Star Wars’ striking crustacean commander, Admiral Ackbar, and speaker of one of the most famous lines in the franchise’s history, died last week at 93. But shortly before his death, BBC radio presenter Jamie Stangroom sat down with Bauersfeld, sharing with The A.V. Club what he believes is the last interview the actor ever gave. Stangroom, who’s the host of the YouTube series “These Are The Actors You’re Looking For,” which chronicles the post-Star Wars lives of the lesser-known actors from the series, puts Bauersfeld through the paces of saying Ackbar’s iconic “It’s a trap!” in a variety of situations, from sad to sexy, while Bauersfeld plays along with bemused graciousness.

It’s all very charming, with Bauersfeld also confirming that he auditioned for the voice of Yoda, offering Stangroom his quieter, more austere interpretation of the character. The actor really lights up, however, when he talks about the effect the Star Wars fandom had on him.


“The real wonderful discovery about all the Star Wars things wasn’t the movies,” he says. “It was the fans. The fans were a new, wonderful experience for me.”

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