With any shared universe, continuity is king. Part of the thrill of seeing linked stories is picking up the little threads in each that all tie into each other. Marvel released the following video to present the backstory of Ant-Man’s titular hero’s alter-ego, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), that preps viewers for the film by showing how a former tech worker turned into a whistleblower and thief. It’s a neat way of priming audiences made all the more interesting by the various seeding of other Marvel properties.

First, the report is delivered by Christine Everhart, who is played by Leslie Bibb reprising her role from Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Everhart is wrapping up a report on the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron while also asking who superheroes answer to, something which will surely form the backbone for Captain America: Civil War. Lastly, there’s some more information in the scroll, including references to Jane Foster of Thor and the ultimate fate of Baron Von Strucker (for those who remained unconvinced from Avengers: Age Of Ultron). It’s a slight bit of fun that continues Marvel’s attempts at bridging their films and their characters.