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The very last Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs location has closed

Flavor Flav’s fried chicken chain is no more. Shocking absolutely no one with a working knowledge of who Flavor Flav is, the very last Flav’s Chicken & Ribs location has been evicted from its building in Sterling Heights, Michigan after an extended battle with the site’s owner. Back in June, the owner tried to evict Flav and company, claiming the Chicken & Ribs partners hadn’t paid rent in months. The restaurant tried to stay open via a motion to stay and an agreement to kick over back rent, but that never really happened. Thus, the closure. U-Hauls showed up on Wednesday to haul away all the restaurant's equipment, while cops watched to make sure nothing shady went down.

The Michigan location was the last of three Flav’s Fried Chicken restaurants to close. Other outposts in Las Vegas and Iowa have already come and gone.


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