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The Veronica Mars movie has a release date

Marshmallows now know when they have to hit theaters en masse. Entertainment Weekly reports that Rob Thomas’ Veronica Mars film will hit theaters on March 14, 2014, exactly a year and a day after the film’s Kickstarter campaign launched and began racking up contribution records. The original distribution deal with Warner Bros. called for a limited release in select cities, followed by on-demand and streaming services. But according to Thomas, the studio will now give the film—simply titled Veronica Mars—a “wider, nationwide release…and let the marketplace decide how long it should stay in theaters.” EW also has an exclusive clip of the film with Veronica, Wallace, and Mac showing up at their Neptune High reunion, which features a taste of Veronica's voiceover (about Dante's Inferno II: Hell Freezes Over) and a confrontation with a reunion organizer.


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