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The Venture Brothers renewed for two more seasons and one long-form special

Adult Swim’s The Venture Brothers remains one of the most consistent—and consistently popular—shows in an often hit-or-miss programming block, so it’s probably no surprise that they’d want to keep it around: Co-creator Jackson Publick has announced via his blog that he’s just signed a contract to produce at least two more seasons of the show about super-scientists, super-villains, and their super-complex interfamily dynamics, with production on the fifth to begin in June. He also dropped the tidbit that the contract includes a long-form, 60 to 90-minute Venture Bros. special, adding, “Don't ask me when we'll make it, what it's going to be about, or whether it'll be on TV or direct-to-DVD, because we don't have a clue yet.” So, everyone go ask him that and he’ll be forced to figure it out sooner. In the meantime, Publick also revealed that he and co-writer Doc Hammer have been quietly prepping an 11-minute special he describes as “a sort of light-hearted, one-off little aperitif” that should debut later this summer.


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