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The Venture Bros. get an August premiere date and a new teaser, full of demons and complaining

It’s finally happening: After more than two years away from its world of immature superscience and violent, manchildren supervillains, Adult Swim has set a release date for the seventh season of its super-cult comedy The Venture Brothers. The network announced today that the series will be back on August 5, complete with a teaser scene that shows that miserable bastard Dr. Venture hasn’t gotten any less delightfully cranky in the intervening years.

The teaser puts its best bitter foot forward, too, tapping tapping into some of the show’s best character pairings as Rusty bitches and moans at Dr. Orpheus and the Order Of The Triad as they try to un-demon his fancy new offices. Things go wrong, of course, because that’s what The Venture Bros. is: A world where nothing can ever go right, usually in the most amusingly grim, “Damn, we’ve missed this” way possible.


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