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The Vatican has some thoughts on Batman, for some reason

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Since white smoke rose above the Sistine Chapel in mid-March, the world has speculated on the policies of the new papacy. Would Pope Francis continue the theological conservatism of Pope Benedict XVI, or would he be every single Say Yes To The Dress bride ever—drawn to a modern (liturgical) cut, but restrained by elder family members who demand a more traditional number?


Last night, the official Vatican’s Communications Twitter seemingly srtuck a blow for both traditionalism and mild befuddlement when it tweeted a link to an article titled, “Holy switcheroo! Batman has grown bitter, more vengeful with the years.” Posted on the Vatican Communications website, the article comments on the darkening tone of the comic-book franchise, ever since Batman’s ka-pow fisticuffs heyday in the 1980s. While ostensibly related to the social values that concern the Church, the article seemed so out of place among tweets about Pope Francis’ work for the underprivileged and the availability of Vatican radio, it quickly raised concerns that the Vatican had been hacked.

The Vatican Communications office has since responded to the story, saying it was accidentally posted by a non-native English speaker—not that that's much of an explanation. In the meantime, the article and the tweet are still up, so go draw your own conclusions about liturgical interpretation of Batman.

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