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The Vampire Diaries will end after season 8

(Screenshot: Warner Bros. TV/YouTube)

One of the last surviving remnants of that era when everyone was obsessed with bloodsuckers is coming to an end: The Vampire Diaries is wrapping up its run. The announcement that the eighth season of the show will be its last came during Comic-Con this Saturday. ““We all have discussed it and we’ve made the decision that this is it,” creator Julie Plec said during the panel, per The Hollywood Reporter. “This is going to be the final season of The Vampire Diaries. It’s bittersweet and emotional and we’re all going to be crying in a minute. It’s been a beautiful run.” Warner Bros. then subsequently released this “farewell” video:

The Comic-Con panel also revealed that co-creator Kevin Williamson will be writing for the final season, which will contain 16 episodes and premiere October 21. In a statement, Williamson said: “I feel so blessed to have been a part of The Vampire Diaries. It has been a magical, thrilling, life-changing experience.” He added: “We’re very grateful to our loyal audience — they’re our family, too — and we hope to say thank you by giving them the last and most epic season ever.”


The Vampire Diaries lost star Nina Dobrev following the sixth season; however, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Plec seems optimistic about a possible return for Dobrev as the show drives a final stake through its heart.

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