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The Vacation reboot is apparently back on, will feature Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Day

Like most family vacations, New Line’s reboot of the Vacation series has always seemed like more of a threat than a fun getaway. Sure, everybody will have some laughs, but do we really need to spend that much time with Chevy Chase and/or our real families? We see them all the time anyway—or we did 20 years ago, at least.

When we last heard about the Vacation reboot—or sequel, or remake, or whatever it is—New Line had apparently made good on its threat to turn the car around if everybody didn’t start behaving themselves by putting the project on an indefinite hiatus. Now, though, it sounds like dad has calmed down and is putting the suitcases back in the trunk, so the Vacation reboot is back on. Ed Helms is still set to star as a grown-up Rusty Griswold—who, by our count, is now on his 12th regeneration—with Christina Applegate as his wife. The plot deals with him deciding to take his family on a trip “similar to the ones he and his parents and sister took when he was young.” That’s obviously a great idea, since those always went so well. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are also both still expected to make cameo appearances.


As for information about this movie that isn’t over a year old, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Thor’s Chris Hemsworth and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Charlie Day have also joined the Vacation reboot. While Day has been relegated to a mere Chevy Chase-esque cameo appearance (he’ll be playing a river-rafting guide), Hemsworth will reportedly have a slightly larger role. He’ll be anchorman Stone Crandall, the husband of Rusty’s sister, Audrey.

This new Vacation movie will start filming in September, unless something else goes wrong and it gets delayed again. Speaking of, what’s Randy Quaid up to these days? Maybe he can stop by.

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