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The US Air Force has weighed in on the "Yanny vs. Laurel" debate, and it's fucking horrifying

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

The internet has been having some fun lately, debating whether a little audio clip sounds more like it’s saying “yanny” or “laurel.” The split between what people hear, reminiscent of the good old days of The Dress, has inspired the kind of universal humor and gentle fun that too rarely fills our timelines these days. It’s given us some no-stakes debate. It’s prompted fun discussions. It’s even given us an excuse to learn some linguistics.

And now, thanks to the ghouls running the US Air Force’s Twitter account, it’s given us this:


Wild, huh? The Taliban would’ve enjoyed engaging in a fun debate about a weird audio clip instead of being gunned down by a military aircraft. They can’t, though! Why? because they’re dead as the result of a seemingly unending, horrifying armed quagmire that’s destroying the lives of entire communities and generations! What a gas! #JustWarThings

There’s no explanation for this missive from the bowels of hell itself other than that the tweet was authored by a double-damned soul who both works in social media marketing and somehow needs to make meme content out of promoting the bloody hand of American military might. This poor person, their sense of decency ground into dust by a career full of observing human death as statistics and the eternal wasteland of Twitter feeds, has broken. We should hope for better, but expect nothing less from anyone toiling in this dark field.


For those still hoping to move on, refusing to allow the innocence of the “yanny vs. laurel” conversation to end with this hashtagged blast of poor taste gunfire, there is some small hope of moving forward. Dear sweet Yanni, of “being Yanni” fame, has given us a moment’s relief by weighing in on the topic without even a cursory mention of violent death:


He hears his own name. He has a nice smile and a healthy mustache and he’s on a plane that doesn’t go #BRRT but instead carries Yanni—and his sweet Yanni music—to more people around the world. For now, let that be enough.

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