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The University of Chicago admissions office receives mysterious package intended for Indiana Jones

A mysterious package, a hunt for answers, and Indiana Jones: It’s not another sequel, just another day at the University of Chicago admissions office. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a student at the university). According to its Tumblr, the office at the university’s Rosenwald Hall received a weathered package in its regular office mail addressed to “Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr.” which every A.V. Club reader has hopefully already identified as the birth name of Indiana Jones, one of the university’s more distinguished faculty members. The package contained a replica of fellow fictional UChicago professor Abner Ravenwood’s journal from Raiders Of The Lost Ark, filled with replica old money and photos of Marion Ravenwood.

There are no real stamps on the package, though it seems to have endured wear and tear as if going through the normal postage process. It was also specifically addressed to Rosenwald Hall, the building that once housed the Geography and Geology departments at the university (and where Indiana Jones’ office might have been).


It seems unlikely that the package is a marketing tactic: The Blu-ray edition of the series was released back in September, and it seems like an awfully big gamble to hope a random mail drop would generate press. (Though obviously, it worked.) The admissions office itself is seeking an explanation, and it's set up an email address (indianajonesjournal@uchicago.edu) for any tips regarding the source of the journal, the accuracy of its contents, and whether or not there might be a crystal skull in the mail soon.

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