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The universe trembles as Empire Records' Ethan Embry seeks revenge against GWAR

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder (Getty Images)

Back in 1995, a year when the space-faring, metal-loving aliens of GWAR were at the height of their powers, the band made a cameo appearance in Empire Records. A TV plays the video for “Saddam A Go-Go” as Ethan Embry’s character Mark eats a pot brownie. Transfixed, as we all are, by GWAR, Mark imagines himself being invited to play guitar with the band before the fantasy turns sour and, growls and screams mixing with Daniel Johnston’s “Rock & Roll/EGA,” Mark watches himself get eaten alive by the band’s toothy, forever-hungry World Maggot.


Now, after decades of quiet planning, Embry has publicly announced that he wants revenge for GWAR’s sneak attack. After discovering that the band will assemble for this fall’s Riot Fest, he told the world to expect, at long last, payback for Mark and, by extension, all the poor humans devoured by the World Maggot in the past.

Embry makes clear that he has “a 25 year score to settle with a gluttonous virgin eating worm” but doesn’t mention if his wrath extends to the rest of the band. The best we can hope is for Embry to try his chances during GWAR’s set, attempting in vain to best the universe’s mightiest warriors so he can be colorfully defeated in a mid-song battle filled with prosthetic limbs, fake blood, and gross-looking alien dicks.

While we’ll have to wait a few more months to see if this dream comes true, Embry also provided something else to tide you over: clear details on when, exactly, sweet, shaggy-headed Mark lost his virginity—y’know, just in case whoever maintains the Empire Records wikia needed those details to flesh out their work.


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