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The universe gives Terrence Malick a title for his Ben Affleck movie

Of course, Terrence Malick's films eschew labels, but if you are the dreary sort who insists on affixing names to them, then this should satisfy your need to assign some futile semblance of order to the ineffable. His forthcoming, long-untitled film with Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams (one of three he'll be putting out over the next couple of years) will henceforth be known as To The Wonder, a title that functions as both a suitably enigmatic expression of the mysteries of the universe, and a toast you can start making from now on so that everyone will think you're full of romance and/or pretension. And like most Malick movies, the actual film promises to have varying levels/accusations of both: It's been rumored as even more experimental than The Tree Of Life, even though it has a fairly straightforward plotline about Affleck as a philanderer who has a "hot-and-heavy" affair—hence its R rating for "some sexuality/nudity"—that leads to a green card marriage with a European woman, only to have his life further complicated after he begins to have feelings for a longtime acquaintance (played by McAdams) in his Oklahoma hometown. "Hey, to the wonder!" Affleck will gleefully mock-toast after the European woman catches him bedding McAdams with some sexuality/nudity, or maybe not.


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