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The ultimate money move: Cardi B filed to trademark her famous catchphrase, "okurrr"

Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

Cardi B is the superstar you can hear from a mile away. As soon the wind catches her her distinct siren call “okurrr,” you’re instantly aware of who is in the building/general vicinity/neighboring township. Now, the Grammy-winning rapper wants to ensure that her slogan is definitively hers.

Per E! Online, Cardi officially filed to trademark “okurrr” under her company, Washpoppin, Inc. on March 11. Per the documents, the songstress would specifically like to own the phrase for the use of “paper goods, namely paper cups and posters.” So we could be this much closer to the “Bodak Yellow birthday party pack that we deserve.


On February 25, a similar filing was entered for a slightly modified version of the saying - just one less “r” for the more succinct of us - for an array of clothing items, including sweatshirts, bodysuits, and undergarments.

Just this past December, the artist won her valiently fought battle to trademark her stage name, Cardi B, after two years. And since the “okurrr” call has become so synonymous with her - so much so that it was the focal point of an entire Pepsi commercial - this seems like the next natural step. This is a pretty impressive upgrade for a sound that Cardi once described as a “cold pigeon in New York City.”

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