Although they’ve lived on in people’s nightmares for the past 30 years, Lisa and Louise Burns never made another film after appearing as the Grady twins in The Shining. At the beginning of December, though, the two joined Twitter—via @Shining_twins—but started blowing up online today after they attended a BFI event in London commemorating the 50th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. Here’s what they look like today—may it bring closure to your restless psyche:


Yahoo! Movies UK and Buzzfeed ran stories about it, with the former noting that the 46-year-old twins went on to have normal lives after shooting The Shining when they were 12: Lisa studied literature, and Louise is a microbiologist. (Danny Lloyd, who played Danny Torrance, is a biology professor in Kentucky. He enjoys solid ratings on

In other Unexpected People On Twitter news, Allison “It’s like walking on sunshine!” Fogarty from Intervention goes by “Allison Intervention” on her page. She still seems to have it together, so good for her.