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The TVs on Air Force One are programmed to record Property Brothers

Photo: Paul Marotta / Getty

The Property Brothers are a pair of handy hunks (and shitty country singers) who, along with everyone else on HGTV, help rich people find “fixer-uppers” and renovate them. To watch one episode is to watch every episode, yet it remains compulsively binge-worthy, which must be why somebody on Air Force One has programmed all the TVs to automatically record the show.

This info comes courtesy of White House AP reporter Jon Lemire, who tweeted about it after spotting the recording notification during a flight.


Hey, President Donald Trump has a history in real estate (and reality TV), so it makes sense he would enjoy kicking back with the Scott brothers as he takes up his trusty knife and fork for another helping of KFC. It’s less likely the Scotts would do so with The Apprentice, however; they’re not big fans of cyber-bullies.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what show is droning on in the background as Trump mashes out tweets at 5 in the morning, it’s probably Property Brothers.

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