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The Trump Archive just added more than 700 Trump videos for you to wince through

Photo: OWN

If we want to have a comprehensive view of our future president—and, ya know, we probably should—we should look beyond his sophomoric tweets, his reality show, and his many, many appearances in WWE.

It’s a good thing, then, that the Internet Archive—an online catalog of more than 300 million preserved web pages—expanded its Trump Archive this week to include more than 700 speeches, interviews, and debates, all of which feature The Donald in various modes of discourse. The interface is intuitive, easily searchable, and organized by topic, subject, and show, making it easy for you to dig up a controversial interview or just tally up every time he’s said “bigly.”


While you’re there, you can use the Internet Archive to preserve web pages or social media posts of your own for posterity, or even browse the site’s three million free ebooks. The internet sure is yuge, right?

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