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The trailer for Your Highness: Did someone make a "The Sword And The Stoned" joke already? Oh well, screw it

Watching Trailers Instead Of Reading About Things Day continues with the first look at Your Highness, the new medieval fantasy romance comedy thing from Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green and that film’s co-stars James Franco and Danny McBride. As suggested by its wink-wink title, Your Highness is the sort of high-concept stoner comedy that Cheech and Chong might have made once upon a time (perhaps had Yellowbeard not been such a disappointment), putting a postmodern, pothead spin on typical swords-and-sorcery tropes and then adding plenty of jokes about jacking off and doing it in the butt. Franco stars as the shining knight brother to McBride’s, well, Danny McBride character in chainmail, who strap on their British accents and embark on a quest to rescue Franco’s would-be bride (Zooey Deschanel) from the clutches of Justin Theroux’s F-bomb-dropping wizard. Along the way they join forces with Natalie Portman, who continues her own quest to rid herself of her good-girl image by stripping down to her thong. Did we mention this trailer is NSFW?

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