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The extended trailer for Tron: Legacy has hit the web, bringing with it the first real glimpses of what role original star Jeff Bridges will play. Or roles, rather, as once again Bridges plays both hacker Kevin Flynn and his in-program alter ego Clu—although this time around, Clu seems to be a much darker version, as evidenced by his new taste for dressing in black and yelling dramatically. Among the film’s many impressive CGI effects is the fact that they made Bridges look convincingly 35 again for both the flashback and Clu sequences, a digital makeover that’s all the more jarring when you finally get a look at the modern, salt-and-pepper Bridges to which we’ve become so inured. You can bet Nicole Kidman will be watching this film very closely.

For those unfamiliar, Tron: Legacy involves Flynn’s son (Garrett Hedlund) searching for his lost father within the virtual world, where he’s forced to compete in all the fun motorcycle chases and Frisbee tournaments you remember from the first film while also engaging in a little A/S/L? flirtation with Olivia Wilde. It debuts in theaters on December 17.


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